Revelation 20 “Millennium” or “1000 Years” is a RIDDLE

The number “1000” is the Egyptian equivalent of the Mesopotamian “40”. In fact, Revelation 20 is largely Egyptian in character, the Lake of Fire (this concept came from the Egyptian myths of the afterlife underworld), and Binding of Apophis (aka Apep) who was the Egyptian deity that embodied “Chaos” and he opposed Ma’at (the goddess of Truth and “Order”) as well as being the greatest enemy of the god “Ra” (the Solar Deity). Apep (Apophis) was depicted as a giant water snake, almost always shown being pierced by knives or other weapons or under the control of a deity, so his image would not give the demon power.

He was thought by the ancient Egyptians to be over 16m long, with skin as hard as flint. His roar was so loud that it shook the underworld. He was called ‘Evil Lizard’, ‘Opponent of Ra’, ‘Enemy of Ra’, ‘World Encircler’ and ‘Serpent of Rebirth’. Apep was never depicted without being smitten, cut or restrained (the binding or ‘RESTRAINING’ of Satan that old SERPENT [same title as Apep who was a huge Serpent] in Hades for 1000 years in Revelation 20 comes from these myths surrounding the ‘restrained’ Apep in Egyptian Lore).

There were specific rituals performed to keep him out of the way, including “the spell of spitting on Apep”, “the spell of trampling on Apep with the left foot”, “the spell of taking the spear to smite Apep”, “the spell of binding Apep”, “the spell of taking the knife to smite Apep”, and “the spell of setting fire to Apep”. In an annual rite called the Banishing of Chaos, priests would build an effigy of Apep that was thought to contain all of the evil and darkness in Egypt, and burn it to protect everyone from Apep’s evil for another year. (similar to Satan being thrown in the Lake of Fire and burnt). Any of this sound familiar?

The Great White throne judgment and Book of Life, however, come from Sumerian works as Lugal-e. The “1000” number is the hieroglyph for the lotus flower, which symbolically sumberges into the Nun/Abzu, or waters of death, at night with the souls of the dead it swallowed and rises at dawn to disgorge them. Jesus was the Sun on earth, so when he descended that was considered evening and the beginning of the 1000 years. His return would be the sunrise and thus the end of it.

“The number 1,000 in ancient Egyptian numerals is represented by the symbol of the white lotus. The related hieroglyph is:


The ancient Egyptians also extracted perfume from this flower. They also used the white lotus in funerary garlands, temple offerings and female adornment. The white lotus is a candidate for the plant eaten by the Lotophagi of Homer’s Odyssey.”

In the Bible, when the messianic solar character leaves, it’s for 40 days, 40 years etc. The #40 is the number of Ea/Enki, who is the ruler of the Abzu, which is the Sumerian equivalent of the Nun into which the Lily mentioned earlier descends at night. Beginning around the second millennium BCE, Enki was sometimes referred to in writing by the numeric ideogram for “40”, occasionally referred to as his “sacred number”. Both represent transitional periods between Day-ages or eras and journeys symbolizing such transitions. The desert wandering, for example, which Paul says was the prototype for the period between Jesus’ going and coming (1 Corinthians 10).

Also, have you heard of syncretism and how all of those ANE (Ancient Near East) religions were borrowing from each other? In this instance with the millennium, have you read the “Myth of Er” in Plato’s ‘Republic’? In the myth, Er is slain in battle, his soul visits the underworld, and beholds a judgement of the dead. He is later restored to life and tells his tale:

“…the tale of a warrior bold, Er, the son of Armenius, by race a Pamphylian…He said that when his soul went forth from his body he journeyed with a great company and that they came to a mysterious region where there were two openings side by side in the earth, and above them and over against them in the heaven two others, and that judges were sitting between these, and that after every judgement they bade THE RIGHTEOUS JOURNEY TO THE RIGHT and UPWARD through the heaven with tokens attached to them in front of the judgement passed upon them, and THE UNJUST TO TAKE THE ROAD TO THE LEFT and DOWNWARD, they too wearing signs of all that had befallen them…”
(Republic 10.614c-e, p.839, Hamilton)

Er tells us that A THOUSAND YEARS passed for the souls in Heaven as well as in Hell, before they made contact with each other to relate their experiences at a meadow, ON THE EARTH’S SURFACE (the righteous descending to the earth, the unrighteous, ascending from Hell). Er goes on to explain that approximately 100 years is set aside for a human being, and that the reward or punishment for a soul’s good or evil is multiplied ten-fold, thus arriving at a sum of ONE THOUSAND YEARS, before the return to the Earth’s surface by the righteous and unrighteous.

I suspect these Platonic-Greek motifs lie behind the Book of Revelation’s notion of a thousand year reign of the righteous on earth and and the resurrection of the dead at the conclusion of this thousand year period, the so-called “MILLENNIUM” where also the Great Serpent “Satan” would be bound for 1000 years as well. The Early Christians have of course, given a “a new twist” to this ancient myth. Er on the THOUSAND YEARS says they wait before the resurrection of the dead, to the meadow on the Earth’s surface:

“And so he said that here he saw, by each opening of heaven and earth, the souls departing after judgement had been passed upon them, while, by the other pair of openings, there came up from the one in the earth souls full of squalor and dust, and from the second there came down from heaven a second procession of souls clean and pure, and that those which arrived from time to time appeared to have come as it were from a long journey and gladly departed to the meadow and encamped there as at a festival, and acquaintances greeted one another, and those who came from the earth questioned the others about conditions up yonder, and those from heaven asked how it fared with those others. And they told their stories to one another, the one lamenting and wailing as they recalled how many and dreadful things they had suffered and seen in their journey beneath the earth- IT LASTED A THOUSAND YEARS- while those from heaven related their delights and visions of beauty beyond words.

To tell it all, Glaucon, would take all our time, but the sum, he said, was this. For all the wrongs they had ever done to anyone and whom that had severally wronged they had paid the penalty tenfold for each, and the measure of this was by periods of a hundred years each, so that on the assumption that this was the length of human life the punishment might be ten times the crime…and if any had done deeds of kindness and been just and holy men they might receive their due reward in the same measure.”
(Republic 10.614-5, p.839, Hamilton)

As the earth is to be the Messiah’s kingdom in Christian thought, the thousand year reign to be enjoyed as a reward for the righteous, replaces Er’s notion that the righteous are dwelling in Heaven, not on earth. The righteous and unrighteous meeting again on earth in Er’s scenario has been transformed by the Early Christians into the righteous witnessing the destruction of the unrighteous dead in a Lake of Fire. The Er myth stresses punishment for a thousand years and rewards for a thousand years, Christianity apparently took these “dual concepts,” and, reformatting them, made the righteous rule the earth with Christ for a thousand years as their reward, while the dead waited for one thousand years, for their final Judgment.

The Greeks got their notion of “1000” ultimately from the Egyptians. And as I’ve shown, it was also representative of “40” in Mesopotamian Mythology, and all of the ANE (Ancient Near East) cultures were borrowing from each other (including the Jewish Religion(s) in that region).

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