1. Before I get started, you’ll see that almost every TV Show, movie or cartoon that deals with “Time Travel” somehow corresponds to Donald Trump (Back to the Future, Donnie Darko, Quantum Leap, Outlander, Highlander, etc.)

2. The 1997 movie “Devil’s Advocate” was mainly filmed in Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue (1997 was the 5758 Hebrew Year too btw). The only one in the movie to mention Donald Trump was a woman named Pam who was played by Debra Monk who was born on February 27th which is the 58th day of the year. The movie came out October 17th which is the 290th day of the year. 58×5=290

3. Trump wins the 58th Presidential Election in 2016

4. Trump married Melania when he was 58

5. Trump Tower has 58 stories / levels

6. Trump’s Mara-lago Resort has 58 rooms

7. Biff in Back to the Future wins millions betting on horse races in 1958 (Biff Tannen character is based on Donald Trump)

8. Marty McFly in BTTF, plays “Johnny B. Goode” by Chuck Berry which came out in 1958 with a Gibson Guitar that was manufactured in 1958.

9. Character portraying Donald Trump makes a cameo in a Quantum Leap episode set on May 10, 1958 (Donald’s mother was born on May 10th also)

10. Melania’s birthday is 58 days after the 58th day of the year (April 26th which is the 116th day of the year and if you flip 116 upside down, you get ‘911’)

11. Trump wins the election, 58 years after 1958.

12. Trump’s mother was born on the 58th parallel in the Isle of Lewis in Scotland (which just so happens to be near ancient ruins and stones that are said to be for ‘Time Travel’. I’m not joking).

13. A 1958 Trackdown episode called “End of the World” has a man named Trump (Dr. Walter Trump) coming to town to build a WALL to save the town from meteor / comet strike.

14. May 8, 1997 (or 5/8 << May 8th which would be 58) Trump appears on Suddenly Susan, where she unveils a Magazine for him and on the lower left hand corner it reads, “OUR NEXT PRESIDENT?”

There are others, I’m very sure, and Trump also ties into the number “88” on many occasions as well, such as in Donnie Darko (28 days, 6 hours, 42 minutes and 12 seconds to end of the world = 88) and Back to the Future (88 mph speed to time travel in DeLorean), as well as this 1988 Grammys. What the 58 means, I don’t fully know yet. But it’s prevalent everywhere you look surrounding Trump.

“Back to the Future 2” (1985) and “Donnie Darko” (2001) have a ton of predictive programming about Donald Trump but this also includes Predictive programming from “Gremlins 2” (1990), “The LEGO Movie” (2014) and a few others including commercials. :


1. Donnie is obviously short for Donald. And there is a lot of predictive programming about Donald Trump and what would happen during his presidency. There’s a scene where they arrest a guy named Jim Cunningham (played by Patrick Swayze) for a child s3x p0rn ring (this is right after a scene where there are young girls dancing at a school event). Go to 1 hour and 10 minutes in Donnie Darko. Which means, this whole narrative of “arresting pedos” was a ruse and was scripted long ago.

2. Donnie Darko sees a bunny rabbit who tells him the world will end in 28 days, 6 hours, 42 minutes and 12 seconds (Donnie writes this down in black marker on his arm). So it says, 28 days to the end of the world starting on October 2nd, 1988. Well, instead of days, look at it in years. 28 years after 1988 is 2016 which was the year Donald Trump won the Election to become POTUS!

3. Also, the number 88 could be seen as a twin number, and here we are in 2020 (a ‘twin number’) when all this sh!t is going down. 28 days = 28 years from 1988 which is 2016 when Trump is elected POTUS The next numbers on Donnie Darko’s arm are 42 and 6 (add those is 48) = 48 months after 2016 is 2020…” :

4. “…The last 9/11 was an attack on the TWIN TOWERS. This 9/11 is an attack on the Twin Numbers (2020). Also, 9+11 = 20 (hinting at 2020)…

5. They released Donnie Darko on January 19, 2001 (which is 1/19 and if you reverse that it’s 911). :

6. Then you have the number 88 prevalent (i.e. 1988, etc..), even in Donald Trump’s name (which I will share with you after you read all this). 8+8=16 (2016 is when Trump is elected POTUS).

7. Then you have the bunny rabbit suit dude telling him 28 days and 6 hours, 42 minutes and 12 seconds = The Bunny Rabbit represents EASTER (Trump recently said this lock down should be ‘over’ by Easter, was he hinting at something else?).

8. Donnie Darko was supposed to be set on October 2nd leading up to Halloween. After 28 on his arm is 6, if you add 6 months to October you get April, and Easter is 4/12 this year. Well on his arm the last two numbers are 42 and 12 (if you leave out that the first 2 in 42, you have 412 = the exact date of Easter this year 2020 = 4/12/2020). It could also be that Easter 2020 would be the start of something for 12 months (the last number on his arm equals 12 months or 1 whole year) until the next Easter 2021.

9. Donnie Darko << notice the last name is Darko (Trump has had the lights go out in some of his speeches, rallies and meetings in the White House and in one rally event he even told the people to turn off the lights, turn them off!!!).

10. Also, go to 19 minutes in Donnie Darko and watch to 21 minutes, the teacher is reading about a book which talks about kids who burn down a house with MONEY INSIDE. The teacher asks Donnie what he thinks it means, and listen to Donnie Darko’s answer.

11. Donnie Darko falls in love with a girl named Gretchen, and she asks him why his name is that because it sounds like a Superhero name. What are all the Trumpers and Q sycophants saying about Trump? That he was here to save the day and arrest the Deep State, like a Superhero!

12. In another scene, Donnie Darko is talking to his counselor and he has a shirt on it that says ‘TRIUMPH.’ The short version of Triumph in the dictionary is TRUMP and his name is Donnie (Donald) << hinting at DONALD TRUMP!

13. At the end of Donnie Darko, a STORM (Tornado it looks like?) appears while his mom and younger sister are on a plane and it causes one of their fuselages to come off and goes through a time warp portal. The fuselage that appears in the alternate universe from the plane in the future (October 30) with the mom and sister on the flight, ends up smashing into their house in the past (October 2) with the mom, sister and rest of Darko’s family in the house (but Darko sleepwalking that night out onto a golf course where he falls asleep, which saves his life from the fuselage slamming into Darko’s house and specifically his room). And in this 2nd timeline, Donnie Darko ends up dying from the fuselage at the beginning (October 2), instead of Donnie Darko living until the end and shooting Frank (the bunny) in the right eye and killing him , for running over Gretchen and killing her with his car on October 30.

The timelines were reversed and switched!



1. Even going back to the late 1800s and early 1900s with the Baron Trump adventure books, with one book called THE LAST PRESIDENT.

2. Then you had the 1950s Old Western movie “Trackdown” where a con-artist named “Trump” comes to town saying he must build a WALL to protect against the end of the world. But it was a scam.

3. Then you have Back to the Future where it shows Biff Tannen being the supreme iconic person on the planet, while there is Martial Law and chaos with tanks rolling through the streets (Marty McFly is in the year 2015 when he sees all this). The creator of Back to the Future said Biff Tannen was indeed based on Donald Trump. The speed at which they were able to make the DeLorean car time travel was 88 miles per hour (mph). If you add up the name Trump it equals 88 by putting the numeric value of each letter of his name.

4. In the 1980s a dude named Stephen Jackson created an “ILLUMINATI CARD GAME”. One card in the deck was the “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH” card. It shows a man with his mouth open. It just so happens Trump does the same thing purposely with his mouth and in numerous speeches since 2016 campaign trail he has said ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. Many parts of his inaugural speech was stolen from Bane in Batman : Dark Knight Rises.

5. In 1990, there was a Heavy Metal Magazine with a cartoon in it about Donald Trump and a Populist rising to power who ‘build a wall’ around New York City.

*6. (THIS ONE IS KEY) In Donnie Darko the movie which was first released on 1/19/2001 (notice if you turn that around, it’s 9/11 instead of 1/19), there are numerous references to Donald Trump, including Donnie which is a variant of Donald. The movie is supposed to be set in 1988. The Bunny Rabbit character tells Donnie (on a golf course which we know Donald Trump is known for owning tons of golf courses and playing golf) that the world will end in 28 days, 6 hours, 42 minutes and 12 seconds. If you add those numbers up it comes out to be ’88’. As we saw before, Trump adds up to 88. If you add 28 years from 1988, you get 2016 and if you add up the other two numbers (42+6 = 48) you come up with 48 months which equals 4 years, which would be 2020.

I believe the last number 12 on Donnie Darko’s arm is representing one year (12 months) from 2020 everything would begin to unwind and sure enough, that’s what’s happening. Donnie Darko is also told by his girlfriend Gretchen that his name is odd because it sounds like a Superhero name. Trump is seen as this superhero by his fan-base who is coming to take out the deep state swamp. He even is selling a poster on his Facebook where it shows a cartoon of him flying through the sky like Superman. Another part of the movie shows a man named Jim Cunningham (played by Patrick Swayze) being arrested for s3x kiddie p0rn. This means that this whole ‘ARRESTING PEDOS’ was scripted long ago too. It’s all a fake ruse to divert your attention away from Trump’s own crimes.

7. In 1997, they had an episode of SUDDENLY SUSAN with Kathy Griffin. Donald Trump is on this episode and Kathy Griffin is trying to sell Trump on financing their new Magazine called SKAZZY. She unveils the first cover of the magazine to Donald Trump and on the cover it shows a picture of Trump and it says “OUR NEXT PRESIDENT?”. This was in 1997!

8. In the 1997 movie “Devil’s Advocate”, Lomax and Milton attend a Boxing event with Roy Jones Jr. This was an actual real fight that took place on October 4, 1996. And as I’ve shown in the past, October 4th leaves “88” days left in the year. We see the same thing with the Tower Clock in Back to the Future which was stuck on 10:04 (or 10/4 like October 4th).

9. On October 5, 2017, Trump made comment that this was THE CALM BEFORE THE STORM. If you count 888 days after that, you come to March 11, 2020 which was the day that W.H.O. declared the coronavirus a GLOBAL PANDEMIC. This was all planned out to the DAY! Also, if you look at the four corners of the Illuminati Card “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH” like I showed you in number 4 above, you’ll see that it looks like some ‘virus’ or ‘bacteria’ floating around. Donald Trump has been part of the plan for a long time now. They’ve been showing us in numerous ways!


Trump’s a GEMINI, which played into the George Floyd death too, which happened during the Gemini Zodiac time frame (May 25, 2020)

  • George Floyd and Stephen Jackson looked like Twins
  • It was in the TWIN Cities, Minnesota
  • The baseball team there is the Minnesota TWINS
  • Gemini Man with Will Smith just came out in 2019
  • All took place in the year of the TWIN NUMBERS (2020 = New TWIN Towers event with pandemic)
  • George Floyd and Kobe Bryant’s daughters had TWIN (same) names (Gianna)

Watch more at this link below :


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