The Matrix Red Pill / Blue Pill of Human Relationship Dynamics (Monogamy was Designed to Fail)

The real RED PILL in the area of human relational dynamics is that….. wait for it… the failure rate of monogamy is not any particular issue regarding men or any issue regarding women, it’s that MONOGAMY IS NOT NATURAL FOR US.

You heard me right, the institution of MONOGAMY was designed to fail. And it’s been an outright failure for thousands of years. We are Primate Mammalians and only 3% of mammalians are monogamous with noted incidences of polyamory even in those 3%. Our closest animal relatives are the Bonobos and Chimps who share 98% the same DNA as humans, and they are nowhere close to being monogamous. It can be proven in a lab, that whether you’re human or any other primate, if you’re with one partner for a long time, your sexual attraction to each other degrades over-time until you don’t do it at all, BUT…. if you introduce a new mate to the man or the woman, VOILA, the sex drive you ‘thought’ you lost, comes roaring back. You can try to go against your nature and try to be with one person for life, but MOST people will fail, hence the high infidelity rates and high divorce rates. No one has ever told you this, which is why people jump from one relationship or marriage to the next, thinking they’ve not found the ONE.

Folk have been deluded by all of this since they came out the womb :

  1. Media
  2. Music (99% of songs are about monogamous romance)
  3. Cartoons (Beauty and Beast / Prince and Princess ride off into the sunset, etc.. etc..)
  4. Movies and Books (i.e. Romance Novels)
  5. Politics (outlawing Polyamorous Marriage)
  6. Religion (you’ll fry in hell for eternity if you have sex outside the marriage bed, etc..)

So even with all of this brainwashing to be monogamous, people STILL can’t stay together. In Ancient Greece, they considered ‘Romantic Love’ to be a mental disorder. And it really is true. People become obsessed, and even turn into psychotic control freaks over that ‘one person’ they claim to ‘love’. Yet they end up displaying behaviors that they are anything but loving towards their partner, with major jealousy issues, making mountains out of mole-hills, refusing to allow their partner to see friends of the opposite sex, etc.. You begin to start thinking and acting in ways which you otherwise wouldn’t if you were in the right state of mind.

Statistics show that over a 40 year period, 67% of first marriages will end in divorce, with most not reaching their 8th year anniversary. That’s 2 out of 3 first marriages! And these are the stats for FIRST Marriages, the number is even higher if you are remarried, so really, your best chance is to stick with the first person you marry. These are also just the tip of the iceberg, because these are the ‘official’ numbers, but how many in that remaining 33% are in miserable relationships or marriages, wanting to divorce but can’t because of social stigma or because they’re staying together for the children’s sake, etc.. while they have extra-marital affairs on the side?

So when you put all that into consideration, you have maybe a good 10 to 15% success rate for the long-haul! Any economist would tell you that this risky investment is not worth the hassle of whatever ‘good’ or whatever ‘benefits’ you may get out of it. So you see here that the polyamory is playing out in a more subtle way, with people being ‘Serial Monogamists’ (jumping around from relationship to relationship or marriage to marriage or having affairs, etc..). This is an area where most of society is still caught in the Matrix.

Before the European, Christian, Pilgrim INVADERS came to the Americas, virtually ALL Native American Tribes were Polyamorous. This was something very foreign to the Europeans and it was one of the reasons for torturing and ‘Offing’ the Natives. They thought they were demonic for being so openly sexual, especially the Native women who had more sexual autonomy than your modern Feminist. Their culture of polyamory worked much better for child-rearing especially, since each child had many fathers, many mothers, many sisters, brothers, aunts, cousins, etc.. etc.. So even if the primary, biological parents weren’t ‘together’ anymore, it did not affect the care and support of the child, since there were so many older adults to fill that role. The old adage “It’s the village that raises the child” which comes to mind here.

Until people face biological, scientific, evolutionary and anthropological FACTS that I’ve laid out here, they are gonna continue to be miserable in their human relationship dynamics. The marriage industry gets rich off suckers (engagement rings, weddings, honeymoons, etc..) and then the divorce industry gets even more rich off these same suckers. You are not evolved to be with one person for life. It is antithetical to everything that makes you a primate mammalian species. This is why only a small handful can stay married to one person for 50+ or 60+ years. It’s just not biologically natural for us and our genetic / epigenetic makeup.



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