Gematria : (5/19) May 19 2021 BitCoin Cryptocurrency Crash and “9/11 Ritual” 8 months and 8 days after 9/11 – Hopsin “Be11a Ciao” and Donald Trump (Trump equals 88)

This current STAGED Crypto Correction was a ritual by the Elites. We already went through a ton of decodes previously on how “Trump” equaled ’88’ and how he was the perfect TRUMP Card for the Illuminati Agenda (which you can see here

Now let’s look a bit deeper into this crash in the BTC markets today, which is literally 8 months and 8 days after 9/11. Also notice that at 9:11AM NYC time today May 19th 2021, that’s when BTC reached it’s bottom before jumping back up.

We started off TAURUS (the Bull which symbolizes a BULL MARKET) with a sacrifice of Scottie Pippen’s son. Well the last day of Taurus was the last day of the BULL RUN (May 19th – next day was start of Gemini) and that was when the market crashed.

4/5 (April 5th, 2021) we had the NCAA College final, between the Baylor BEARS Bears who won against Gonzaga BULL-dogs (Bears beat Bulls like a Bear Market over-taking a Bull Market).

I have called at that time that this may point on Bear market very soon.

Same date, 4/5 is “birthday” of Bitcoin founder, Satoshi Nakamoto.

This day is 44 days(45 days end) span of that game and he’s birthday, tomorrow is 45.

45 days (end) ago were game where Bears won against Bulls

45 days(end) ago was Satoshi Nakamoto ” birthday”

Nakamoto=45 (Reverse Full Reduction)
(Reverse Full Reduction)
Market Crash=45 (Full Reduction)
May 19= 49 (EO), 22 (Full Reduction)
Crash=49 EO, 22 (Full Reduction)
Crash=29 (Jewish Reduction)
Crypto=29 (Reverse Full Reduction), 65 RO

139 DOY
139=34 prime
Bull Run=34 FR, 115 EO
Game where Bears won Bulls, has span of 11w 5d end=115
Murder=34 FR

4/5 this year 2021, was the “88th” anniversary of FDR’s executive order 6102 which forbade hoarding Gold.


The phrase “Bella Ciao” means “Goodbye Beautiful” which is an obvious LATIN / ITALIAN phrase (Jesuit / Catholic fingerprints). Same with the Red and Black Colors.

Notice the L’s are replaced as 1s and there are two of them.

TWO DAYS (1+1=2) after this video was released, the crypto market crashed.

Hopsin (and his crew) are on a heist, robbing a bank, which seems to tie into the heist going on with the rigged crypto markets. There is actually a new season of “MONEY HEIST” which came out recently too.

Money Heist (Spanish : La casa de papel, “The House of Paper”) is a Spanish Heist Crime Drama television series created by Alex Pina.

Hopsin even mentions ELON MUSK in this song, and we know that Elon Musk is heavily tied to crypto, especially DOGE Doge Coin.

After Hopsin says “I believe I’m just the Elon Musk of rap” … he says
“Yes indeed I must be, read on up, I’m breaking through like ÆonFlux.”

Aeon Flux is a film from December 2, 2005

“The plot begins in the 25th century, the Earth’s population has dwindled to a surviving five million following a devastating virus that almost resulted in the extinction of all human life 400 years earlier. Confined to one city-state, a group of rebels, led by Handler (Frances McDormand), seeks to destroy the oppressive government — first, by assassinating a high-ranking chairman (Marton Csokas). Tasked with this mission, Aeon Flux (Charlize Theron) must integrate herself in a world of deceit and mystery.”

Since Blockchain Cryptos are connected with the MOON (everyone wants their fave crypto to MOON or go to the moon), a comedian on the Dave Chappelle Show named Paul MOONEY died at age 79 (and his name looks like MOON and MONEY put together).

Go to 2 Hours and 44 minutes in this video below

Also Total Lunar Eclipse (Blood Moon) is supposed to happen on May 26, 2021

I’m sure there is much more I’m missing and will be UPDATING if I find more.

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