Experiment Workout : 1 Set / One Set, Per Body Part, Per Day (Bodyweight and/or Calisthenics Only) Results Before and After

After Lockdown with all the gyms closed, I sort of let myself go for almost a full year. I gained some weight (up to around 190), but lost some through diet before deciding that since the gyms were all closed, I’d do an experiment with bodyweight exercises, but only do one set of each bodypart per day. I never really did calisthenics or bodyweight exercises before, except maybe some pullups / chinups here or there, I only did strictly weight lifting with free weights or machines before.

I started in March 2021 (I’m now 2.5 / two and half months into it and the results are pretty damn amazing).

Here is my routine (no warmup sets either) :

1 Set of Pullups

1 Set of Chinups

1 Set of Pushups

1 Set of Lateral Raises with 20 lb dumbbells

1 Set of Body Squats (with weighted vest)

1 Set of bicycle crunches

In only 2 and a half months, I’ve gone from being able to do

3 pullups or chinups in a row with bodyweight……, to now being able to do 10 in a row, and 6 in a row with a 25 lbs. weighted vest.

20 pushups bodyweight only before my arms gave out….., to now being able to do over 50+ without stopping bodyweight and…., easily 30 in a row with the 25 lbs weighted vest.

All the other exercises I’m doing have become much easier too. And like I said, I’m only doing 1 set, per exercise, per body part, per day, no warmups, so you can build strength and muscle with just one set full body per day.

Also, I learned everyday training from Migan, a guy who runs “TEAM 3D ALPHA” on Youtube. He explains how mTOR and Nucleus Overload work.

He recommends doing the same exercises every day for at least 30 days and then taking a 7 to 14 day break before starting again. In between the last two months, I’ve taken 7 days off the after the first month and 8 days off after the second month. This is supposed to reset your mTOR so you will continue building muscle much quickly at the onset of each new round.

If I can do this workout (which takes me no longer than 10 minutes) then anyone can. I wouldn’t have believed you could gain any strength or muscle from one set per day, had I not been seeing the results for myself. And you don’t even need a gym. For the 20 lbs dumbbells I use to do lateral raises, you can literally just use one of your wooden or metal chairs at home. There are ways to get the same weight for lifting with household items.

Also as to my diet…..,

I’ve been pretty much vegetarian 99% of the time, with an occasional Tandoori Chicken Pizza. I make chili every single day and put the leftovers in the fridge which lasts me a week. My chili consists of ….

3 to 4 cans of beans (I use three kinds, Kidney, Black and Pinto)

Black Lentils

Quinoa (I buy Quinta Canadian Quinoa which has 10g of protein per serving instead of only 6g)

Daiya Cheese

Pasta Sauce (Rao brand)

I also pour Olive Oil, Turmeric, Black Pepper and Ground Ginger over it and then have Lentil Chips and/or Quinoa chips to dip with, which gives extra calories. I typically eat at least a half a bag which is around 300 extra calories. Altogether this is probably a 1250 to 1500 calorie meal.

Then I have a protein shake with about 75 to 80g of protein (Plant Proteins) with banana, almond butter / peanut butter and almond milk / coconut milk / walnut milk. This shake is most likely around 1,000 cals.

I drink at least a half gallon water per day along with Oxylent Vitamins. And end the night with 16 oz of water with ACV Apple Cider Vinegar for good digestion. I also do intermittent fasting / OMAD / Warrior Diet (the Chili and Protein shake are taken together and/or one right after the other), so my window for eating is only 4 hours, and I fast for 20 hours everyday.

Overall I think I am eating around 2000 to 3000 calories per day. I will update along with pictures later on in the year.

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